Work has been so insanely busy lately that when I had a free moment for some DIY, I wanted maximum impact with minimal effort. Solution? Put pretty paper on all the things!

Before:iPhone 047

After!iPhone 049iPhone 046

Before:iPhone 001

After!iPhone 003

Before:iPhone 093

After! (Betcha can’t even spot this one…)iPhone 058

Answer (for those who did not grow up trained to spot Waldo)iPhone 056

Before (do you like my chicken scratch?):1

After!iPhone 051

Not too shabby for one sheet of double-sided paper, if I do say so myself. An unintended bonus is that using the same lemony pattern in multiple places ties to some of the other yellows already in the room and makes things look a smidge more cohesive (it was starting to look a little chaotic in here – even for me!) =)