I needed a little stool for my makeup table and once I saw this DIY at Preciously Me, I knew I had to copy it. But you know me, I took this easy project and made it even easier lazier.

Round up the following IKEA cast members: $5.99 Marius StooliPhone 018

$2.99 circular pad:iPhone 022

$9.99 faux sheepskin throw:iPhone 024

Cut out sheepskin in a vaguely circular shape (don’t worry, the thing won’t fall apart – the webbing on the underside is pretty sturdy so only a few fuzzies will escape) iPhone 026

Use a plain ol’ needle and thread and some knots to secure the circular pad and sheepskin to the top of the stool (I figured I only needed minimal securing since I wasn’t planing to dance around on top of the thing)iPhone 029

Et voila!iPhone 030

To fancy it up a little more, I used metallic spray paint to give the legs a “dipped in silver” look.iPhone 035

iPhone 034

Do you like my ghetto spray-painting set up? What’s that doormat-looking thing underneath, you say? That’s a doormat – because this is my front landing, the only outdoor space I have available in my tiny apartment complex. My neighbor’s door is literally one step to the right of this picture. My poor neighbor…

An hour or so to dry and there you have it!iPhone 062

I love how the white ties in with the furniture and curtains, but the texture of the faux sheepskin keeps it from being boring:iPhone 066

Not bad before and after, eh?iPhone 020 iPhone 060