I found these napkins on sale at Cost Plus for $2 each and immediately knew they would make a really cute pillow.  Just sew them together, stuff a pillow form in there, et voila!

Of course they sat there for a full four months, just draped over the pillow form and for awhile, that was good enough. Then I got fed up with myself and sewed them together in the laziest way possible.

1) Rescue sewing machine from the sad, dusty little corner in which it’s been languishing.

2) Lay one napkin on top of the other and pin edges (barely).

3) Sew along three edges. Do not even bother to lift needle up at the corners, just rotate the napkins 90 degrees and keep going.

4) Stuff pillow form in and pin the remaining edges (again, only just).

5) Skip any attempt at zippers, velcro or envelope closures. Do not for one second contemplate sewing that last long seam shut by hand. Instead, just scrunch the pillow form as far back in the case as it will go so you can grab the remaining napkin edges and wedge them under the sewing machine foot.

6) Sew that last seam shut, wrestling with the edges the entire time. Studiously ignore the very wonky result. Trust me, no one will notice.

7) Hooray, you’ve succeeded in making your own $4 pillow cover with the least amount of effort possible. Lazy DIY FTW!

It even has crisp, flanged eges – purely by happy circumstance.

Now to find two more napkins for the still-naked guy on the left…