Last week I saw some washi tape in a cute little store called Firefly on Abbot Kinney. I think I sat there for at least 15 minutes alternately squealing and fretting over which colors to buy (mint green, neon pink, navy polka dots??). I ended up with two gold-colored rolls and then ordered a Martha Stewart brand pack off Amazon. The “mt” brand is imported from Japan and costs $6 a roll. The four Martha Stewart rolls cost $5 total. But do I even need to tell you how much higher quality the Japanese stuff is? No? Then I won’t.

First, I tried gussying up the black lampshade on my owl lamp that I’ve been meaning to change out since I bought him (see failed attempt #1 here).

I started out with just a few conservative vertical stripes:

Then tried a few diagonal ones:

Then I decided what the hell, it’s temporary, and it all got a little out of hand:

After about a week, the look is still not growing on me, so I think I’ll just peel off all that tape and start over – that’s the beauty of the stuff! So I guess this is failed attempt #2. Stupid owl hat…

Fortunately, my desk took to the washi tape much more happily. Here she is BEFORE:

And after about 10 minutes of taping, she’s just a little glitzier:

The bottom row tore as I was applying it (guess which tape I was using) but I actually kind of liked how it looked so I just left it. Makes it a little imperfect and not too precious, I think.

More washi tape experiments to come!