It’s high time I upgraded my sad, little entryway area – it tries so hard, but it’s really unequipped for everything I ask of it: dumping grounds for my purse, keys, unsorted mail, things I need to remember to bring with me the next day, random findings when I clean out my purses.  There’s a bench in there somewhere that theoretically people could sit on to take off and put on their shoes, but you can see how that usually works out: 

I’ve made some progress, but there’s still lots to do: give the big mirror a bronze-gold finish, install some hooks for my purse and jacket, DIY a hanging mail holder, find a cute iPhone dock, hang up a clock and some artwork, fix the bottom drawer on that damn shoe dresser… Phew! No wonder I let this blog idle for so long, even a teeny entryway makeover takes so much work. I’ll keep you posted. =)