I got this quirky owl lamp from Target for super-cheap but never really liked the shade that came with it. Too dark for the neutrals, gold accents and bright colors going on elsewhere in the room.

I always thought a bright yellow shade would suit Mr. Owl, so I picked up this promising one from World Market for $25.

I thought I could just pop it on and walk away with a satisfied look on my face, but here’s where Mr. Owl got a little… non-cooperative.

I’d forgotten that the original shade screwed on ABOVE the lightbulb, suspended on this oblong, metal thingamabob. Whereas the new shade was supposed to rest UNDER the lightbulb.

So if I tried to just screw the new shade on top of the thingamabob, it would sit ridiculously high:

Mr. Owl does not approve.

But when I tried to screw the new shade on under the lightbulb like it was meant to go, the result was even more laughable:

I actually left it like that and just giggled for a good five minutes.

Mr. Owl is definitely not amused.

Then I tried McGuyver-ing the shade a little higher by using various household items and ended up dropping and shattering the lightbulb.


I finally got the shade to sit a little higher by wrapping a rubber-band around the light bulb socket. So now it looks marginally better. But, I dunno, the shade sits all wobbly now and I think it’s just too big for Mr. Owl’s little frame (the shininess is from the shrink-wrap, the shade is actually a matte fabric).

So I’ll probably return this thing to World Market and keep looking for the perfect new shade (only the best for Mr. Owl) – or maybe I’ll try and recover the original one with some new fabric.

To be continued! …