It only took me three months but I finally finished painting one of the boring ol’ Ikea chairs I inherited with my apartment. (One month between coats isn’t so bad, right?….)

Here she is, all happy next to her unpainted brother:

At $25 each, these Ikea “Stockholm” chairs are a fantastic buy and pretty sturdy with clean, classic lines.

But the “black-brown” finish wasn’t really doing it for me, so I slappped on  some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

And I really mean slapped on…the first coat went on horribly. This was my first time painting a chair and I didn’t realize how tricky chairs are with all their pieces and joints. In hindsight I should have watered down the chalk paint a little bit ’cause it just glopped and built up in all the corners and edges. This is probably why it took me three months – chair was being such a pain in the butt!

After three coats of white paint, the chair was looking a little pale and ghostly, so I perked it up with some $1 yellow acrylic paint that I had on hand. It’s definitely not perfect and you can tell it’s hand-painted, but it really livens up my little desk corner, so I’m pretty happy with it!