Hard to believe it’s been only a year since I left NYC and moved back to Los Angeles! It feels like so much has happened in those 12 short months: finding an apartment, buying a car, taking the bar exam, turning 30, Maid of Honor-ing at my sister’s wedding, settling into to a new office and making so many wonderful friends there! I went back to visit NYC a couple weeks ago and everything felt at once familiar and subtly different. The visit confirmed for me that I made the right choice moving back to LA, but there are definitely some things I miss about NYC and one of them is the most beautifully striking interior decor stores I’ve ever set foot in – ABC Carpet and Home:

Isn’t it absolutely stunning?

Every single thing in there is displayed like gorgeous, prohibitively expensive art.

One pricey piece in particular (try saying that three times…) made me smile.

I knew there was an expensive gold-rimmed bowl out there somewhere that I could use to flaunt how much cheaper and better my DIY version is! Except it’s not really – the two aren’t even remotely close in craftsmanship and quality. But mine did cost a fraction of the price (1/10, to be exact). And, frankly, I’d be too nervous to eat out of a $40 bowl anyway (what sour grapes?…)

So there you go, DIY inspiration, slightly delayed. =)