I got a couple of these little glazed bowls at CB2 for only $3 each. They were a little plain on their own, so of course, I had to put a little DIY trim on ’em.

I just painted a wavy, freehand line around the inside rim with some acrylic paint in metallic gold.

The first coat went on really unevenly because I was painting straight onto a glazed surface, but after a few coats it got the nice opaque look I was going for.

It’s definitely not perfect, but it looks quite at home holding some vintage brooches among my other gold-toned jewelry displays.

Oh, and in case you’re under the mistaken impression that my entire apartment looks as glamorous and put-together as this little vignette, here’s a wider shot of that corner.

A whole lotta blank wall looming over a strip of barely-contained chaos and a mis-matched secretary shoved up against it all. Don’t worry, it’s on the list. Which means I’ll get to it… eventually.

Until then, these small, no-fuss projects let me get my DIY fix after getting home late on a weekday. Not bad for $3 =)