Finally finished some art for the kitchen that I’ve been working on for ages:

I was inspired by this little guy that I made from the back of a wedding invitation, but on a bigger scale:

I used $1.50 Blick brand acrylic to paint the chevron stripes on some inexpensive canvases.

Once that was dry, I painted some letters and (slightly wonky) utensils over the top using metallic gray acrylic paint.

I love how it all turned out!

Painting the chevron was a little bit of a pain in the tookus ’cause it involved a whole lotta careful measuring, marking, taping, cutting and even some *shudder* math:

This probably wouldn’t have been as annoying and time-consuming if I had been doing it on a leisurely Sunday afternoon while watching a League of Their Own. But, no, I decided to tackle this at 10pm after I got home from work. Thankfully, you don’t have to get it exactly right – for some reason, the geometric pattern is a bit forgiving even if you don’t line everything up perfectly.

Anyway, enough of my grumbling. It was totally worth it in the end ’cause chevron stripes may be a little tedious to create, but they sure are cute: