Whipped up this delicious champagne cocktail for a recent book club meeting and it was a real hit! 

Don’t be fooled by its cuteness, these taste so good you don’t even notice the alcohol until it suddenly wallops you over the head. That liquid the mandarin segments are soaking in is pretty much PURE GIN.

The recipe for the gin and honey soaked mandarins can be found here:


I used “lite” mandarins in mandarin orange juice, not syrup. Also, I skipped the vanilla bean ’cause one of those suckers cost $12 at Ralph’s which I cannot in good conscience support. I used pure vanilla extract instead and it turned out just fine.

Just drop a few mandarin segments into your glass with a little of the soaking “juice” and top with prosecco or champagne. Add a little mint and lime if you’d like. I thought these were a perfect drink to serve on a Sunday afternoon in old Real Coconut Water bottles — I save them ’cause the immigrant child in me can’t bear to throw them away. They will undoubtedly show up in random posts in the future. Hooray for reusing!