Change of Address

Hey there – if you’re wondering why I’ve dropped off the internet, I haven’t, I’m just at a different address! If you like DIY, Esq., please come check me out at for more DIY projects and inspiration =)



Quickie Art

Took just a few seconds to fill in some of the sad, blank spots in my apartment with some quick art! This one I got on super clearance from urbanoutfitters, I think:iPhone 381

It makes me chuckle every time I use the microwave:iPhone 380

Next, I used some pieces I already had on hand to spruce up the tiny hallway between my bedroom, bathroom and living room:iPhone 375

I thought it’d be fun to play with the expected frame placement and I like it! It’s a little kooky but keeps it light and whimsical. And it’s all stuck up with tape so I can fiddle with it if I get bored.iPhone 378 iPhone 377

Fun with Paper

Work has been so insanely busy lately that when I had a free moment for some DIY, I wanted maximum impact with minimal effort. Solution? Put pretty paper on all the things!

Before:iPhone 047

After!iPhone 049iPhone 046

Before:iPhone 001

After!iPhone 003

Before:iPhone 093

After! (Betcha can’t even spot this one…)iPhone 058

Answer (for those who did not grow up trained to spot Waldo)iPhone 056

Before (do you like my chicken scratch?):1

After!iPhone 051

Not too shabby for one sheet of double-sided paper, if I do say so myself. An unintended bonus is that using the same lemony pattern in multiple places ties to some of the other yellows already in the room and makes things look a smidge more cohesive (it was starting to look a little chaotic in here – even for me!) =)

Being a hoarder pays off…

I have an embarrassing number of pairs of Ann Taylor perfect pumps and I tend to hoard the boxes – they’re nice and sturdy and a classic black. And I knew they would come in handy some day!

I needed a little tray to hold the mail I haven’t gotten around to sorting (aka ALL the mail). So I just took a shoebox top: iPhone 401

And some gold paint, pretty paper and a glue stick:iPhone 420

Just slapped on a couple coats of gold paint, cut the paper to fit and glued it to the box. Ta-da!iPhone 404

iPhone 407

iPhone 409

Just don’t look at the bottom…iPhone 408

Messy before:iPhone 419

iPhone 416

Does the trick!


Playing with Wire

I’ve been itching to make some wire jewelry for awhile, so I finally got around to buying some 20 gauge bead-stringing wire and some jewelry pliers and got to experimentin’

iPhone 061

It takes a little practice to learn how to bend the wire in graceful curves instead of ugly kinks. These rings were supposed to be bows (per this tutorial), but they turned out a little wonky:

iPhone 030

I tried some bracelets next and definitely got better with practice:

iPhone 043

iPhone 045

iPhone 046

This little guy I made for fun, but I think he’s my favorite so far:

iPhone 059

iPhone 062

One Man’s Trash…

One day, a nice partner at our office brought in this gigantic gift basket to share, filled to the brim with cookies, cheeses, crackers, chocolates, chocolate-covered cookies, cheese-covered crackers, you name it. The partner was just going to trash the big, sturdy basket all of this came in. So I took it (my coworkers were highly amused that I was dragging this used basket home like a homeless person) and gave it a little makeover.

Here it is before: iPhone 014

I just brushed on some diluted Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and used the inside of a Piperlime box as a liner

iPhone 023 iPhone 025

Then filled it with my yarn and knitting supplies:iPhone 027 iPhone 028

TADA! Free makes it look pretty good =)

$5 Stool Gets a Little More Luxe

I needed a little stool for my makeup table and once I saw this DIY at Preciously Me, I knew I had to copy it. But you know me, I took this easy project and made it even easier lazier.

Round up the following IKEA cast members: $5.99 Marius StooliPhone 018

$2.99 circular pad:iPhone 022

$9.99 faux sheepskin throw:iPhone 024

Cut out sheepskin in a vaguely circular shape (don’t worry, the thing won’t fall apart – the webbing on the underside is pretty sturdy so only a few fuzzies will escape) iPhone 026

Use a plain ol’ needle and thread and some knots to secure the circular pad and sheepskin to the top of the stool (I figured I only needed minimal securing since I wasn’t planing to dance around on top of the thing)iPhone 029

Et voila!iPhone 030

To fancy it up a little more, I used metallic spray paint to give the legs a “dipped in silver” look.iPhone 035

iPhone 034

Do you like my ghetto spray-painting set up? What’s that doormat-looking thing underneath, you say? That’s a doormat – because this is my front landing, the only outdoor space I have available in my tiny apartment complex. My neighbor’s door is literally one step to the right of this picture. My poor neighbor…

An hour or so to dry and there you have it!iPhone 062

I love how the white ties in with the furniture and curtains, but the texture of the faux sheepskin keeps it from being boring:iPhone 066

Not bad before and after, eh?iPhone 020 iPhone 060

While I was at it…

Turns out I had energy for TWO very lazy projects tonight. While I had my scissors and washi tape out, I devised a quick-and-dirty cover for my unsightly makeup box:

Not spectacular, but definitely an improvement. And as it only took three minutes, I’d say it’s a pretty decent return on investment.

10-Minute Malm Makeover

Got home from work at 9:00pm and decided I had energy for one, very lazy project.

So I dressed up a little Malm side table with some paper and washi tape. I couldn’t be bothered to get out a plate and brush to put on a proper application of mod podge, so I just used a glue stick. A glue stick! For crying out loud, I should just re-name this blog “theLazyDIYer”….